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Yummy Yumm (Libchata)


"L.I.B: Reigniting the Flames of Latin Rhythms".  

Eyes on Hollywood

Libni Flores, known on stage as L.I.B, is a passionate Latin Urban Trap artist based in Minnesota, USA, with roots deeply entrenched in Aguascalientes, Mexico. L.I.B's musical journey began at an early age; she wrote her first song at 12, shortly after joining her school's music choir. Her love for singing was nurtured in the church choir, where she performed from the age of six until she was 22.

Working in the genre of Latin Urban Trap, L.I.B collaborates with her brother JCL, who produces the music and creates the beats, while L.I.B writes her own lyrics. Her unique style weaves together rap and singing, infused with the essence of urban trap. Even though L.I.B does not play any instruments, her powerful voice has become her primary tool in crafting compelling musical narratives.

As an independent artist, L.I.B has released an impressive portfolio of seven singles so far, Her upcoming release, "Libchata," scheduled for July 2023, will be her first bilingual song, showcasing her ability to weave English and Spanish lyrics seamlessly together.

Despite an early setback when a music teacher doubted her talents, L.I.B didn't let this deter her. Instead, she forged her own path, using her life experiences as fuel for her creativity. Today, L.I.B inspires others with her raw and authentic storytelling, underscoring the fact that it doesn't matter where you come from; what matters is believing in yourself and pursuing your dreams.

Every Year L.I.B gives back to her community by providing new clothes for those in need, a tradition she has been carrying out for the past three years. Outside of music, L.I.B runs a successful live streaming agency, managing talented creators and collaborating with major platforms like TikTok and Bigo Live. Her journey is not only a testament to her talent but also her resilience, generosity, and entrepreneurial spirit. As L.I.B likes to say, "Dream big, and let your story be heard."

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